Sonar Training – Up your skills!

Side Scan Sonar is a sophisticated imaging technology used to capture detailed images of the seafloor. By emitting sound waves and analyzing the echoes that bounce back, it generates high-resolution images that are crucial for various applications. In search and rescue operations, Side Scan Sonar can locate submerged objects, such as shipwrecks or downed aircraft, and even detect human bodies underwater, aiding in timely and efficient recovery efforts. Law enforcement agencies utilize this technology for underwater crime scene investigations, such as locating evidence or contraband. Additionally, Side Scan Sonar is essential for inspecting critical infrastructure, such as underwater pipelines, bridges, and dams, ensuring their integrity and safety.

Regan Lipinski is an expert and avid user of side scan sonar. As a former law enforcement professional, he knows exactly what the missions for SAR and recoveries entail. He has traveled around the country for years training and assisting local, state, and federal agencies with various side scan related missions. Recently he conducted training in Northeast Florida where he trained numerous agencies at the SAR forum in St. Augustine Florida, hosted by USCG, St. Augustine Fire Rescue and St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Since Regan can’t be everywhere and possibly make it to train every agency, he has produced numerous training videos to assist those he might not be able to reach. For these videos on Side Scan Sonar and other sonar technologies, visit the Sonar Tech Skills YouTube channel. This channel provides expert insights, practical tutorials, and comprehensive guides to help professionals and enthusiasts master sonar technology.

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