Regional Domestic Security Task Force

The Organization

The state’s seven (7) Regional Domestic Security Task Forces (RDSTFs) are the foundation of Florida’s domestic security structure. Each RDSTF is co-chaired by a local Sheriff or Police Chief and an FDLE Special Agent in Charge (SAC). Task force members include first responders from the disciplines of fire/rescue, emergency management, public health and hospitals, as well as law enforcement. The task forces also work in partnership with schools, businesses, and private industries.
By utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, the RDSTFs provide support to impacted communities by serving as a force multiplier for local agencies, and working in conjunction with emergency management professionals.

Maritime Security & Response Teams

It is the intent of the RDSTF to identify and sustain up to two Type I or Type II Composite teams in each of the seven regions. The RDSTF Co-chairs for each of the regions shall select the teams from agency(ies) within their region, and those teams shall, for the purpose of funding considerations shall be designated as composite teams. In order to be considered for designation as a regional response team, the participating agency(ies) must ensure that certain minimum standards are in place as it relates to staffing, qualifications and competencies, training, and equipment.

Statewide MSRT Coordinator

Lt. Josh Underwood
St. Johns County
Phone: 904-814-9782

Statewide SOG Team Command

Cpt. Tommy VanTrees
Florida Fish and Wildlife
Phone: 239-253-4815


Rep: Lt Brian Parkton - Oakloosa SO
Px: 850-651-7400

CoRep: Sgt. Kyle Corbitt - Oakloosa SO
Px: 850-797-0322


Rep: Sgt Tony Geraldi - Leon SO
Px: 850-544-1305

CoRep: Wiley Meggs - Leon SO
Px: 850-528-8354


Rep: Lt. Josh Underwood - St. Johns SO
Px: 904-814-9782

CoRep: Lt. Rich Buoye - Jacksonville SO
Px: 904-891-6274


Rep: Cpt. Jared Hill - Pasco SO
Px: 813-924-2394

CoRep: Sgt. Paul Downey - Pasco SO
Px: 727-243-6874


Rep: Lt. Anthony Shank - Volusia SO
Px: 386-527-1911

CoRep: Sgt. Brodie Hughes- Volusia SO
Px: 386-299-9694

Ft. Myers

Rep: Lt. Chris Nyce - Lee SO
Px: 239-633-9549

CoRep: Dash Lockhart- Lee SO
Px: 239-940-1833


Rep: Sgt. David Farrugia - Palm Beach SO
Px: 561-315-6357

CoRep: Sgt. Ken Mays- Palm Beach SO

The Mission

Partnering to strengthen Florida’s capability to prepare for, prevent, protect from, mitigate, respond to, and
recover from terrorism and other domestic security related incidents and events.

In support of our vision and mission, FDLE along with Florida’s domestic security partners have established six (6) goals:

  • Goal 1: PREPARE for terrorism and other domestic security and immigration related incidents and events.
  • Goal 2: PREVENT and deter acts of terrorism.
  • Goal 3: PROTECT our residents, visitors, and critical infrastructure against acts of terrorism.
  • Goal 4: MITIGATE the impact of an incident to preserve life, property, and the environment.
  • Goal 5: RESPOND in an immediate and coordinated manner focused on life safety, incident stabilization, property conservation, and community stabilization.
  • Goal 6: RECOVER quickly and effectively following an incident.