Individual Annual Membership


Individual Annual membership for one person.


Those representative of municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agencies who are full time salaried employees with peace officer powers or are engaged in intelligence gathering, Unites States Coast Guard officials, special agents of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and administrative officials of vessel registering or titling authorities shall be eligible for Law Enforcement Membership provided an application is approved and signed by a member in good standing and is received by the secretary/treasurer.


Those persons not covered under Section 1 (Law Enforcement Membership), including Reserve, Auxiliary, Marine Industry, Marine Surveyors or Retired law enforcement officers shall be eligible for Non-Law Enforcement Membership provided an application is sponsored by a member in good standing, received by the Secretary/Treasurer and approved by the membership committee.


Non-Law Enforcement Members shall have all the privileges of a Law Enforcement Member including voting and may serve as an officer as provided by the by-laws. At the discretion of the President, a Non-Law Enforcement Member may be excluded from any training session or business meeting when the subject matter is of confidential nature, and it is deemed for the good of the Unit.


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